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About Michael Koch


Contract with myself

I believe the reason why I exist is to empower people's healthcare.

Small History

Born in Santa Monica, California of Swiss and Bolivian parents. Lived on the continents of Latin America, Northern America, and Europe.

My IT Toolbox

• Focus: Jamstack - JavaScript, APIs, and Markup for lower cost scaling, better developer experience, and higher performance • Business acumen: AARRR, Sales Funnels by Russel Brunson, Copywriting and Customer Awareness by Eugene Schwartz, Online Brand Identity by Joris Merks-Benjaminsen • Workflow/methodologies: Gitflow, Scrum • Languages: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bash, MATLAB • Frameworks: NodeJS, React, Netlify, Contentful, Webflow, Gatsby, Shopify, Stripe • DevOps platforms/tools: Atom, Vim, Jupiter Notebook, Git, AWS (S3, CloudFront, ACM, Route 53) • Audience tools: Google Tag Manger, FB pixel, Pinterest tag • Traffic generating tools: Blog writing, SEO, Semrush/Ubersuggest, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads, Facebook Ads • Prototyping Tools: Figma, Sketch

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